pom pom garland

Cut the yarn after 90 wraps, sushi shop poke bowl volcano and carefully slide it off your fingers.
How adorable are these sweet little Easter chicks?What I love about this Easter garland is that even though its easy enough for a child to make, its something you wont mind hanging up in your home. Woo-Hoo!To make a pom pom with a fork: Wrap the yarn around the outside of a 4-pronged fork approximately 40 times.Glue on your wiggly eyes aaand were done! Youll place a dab of glue on each foot and push it into the pom pom and do the same with the beak.Both kids and adults will love making this together.You can print it out in black and white I just added the color for fun.Then youre going to make one pom pom per bunny using a fork.At this point, your yarn ball bookmark should look like the picture above.Of course if you love the bunnies, you can use them in other.