How could he have mistakenly dissected a major artery?
Timothy Wilfred Wild MD, DDS LN A61573 Was a resident at KP Redwood City, California, at the time of my surgery.
Swept under historys rug and summarily dismissed as fake when thrash and grunge came along, hair-metals been out of the spotlight long enough by now to be forgiven for all but its sleaziest sins.Bailey, my former aquarius casino resort jobs attorney, missed this important information and ended up claiming a less important NON-existing severing of the spinal accessory nerve.Heres why: above ALL DO NO harm, for centuries those words from the Hippocratic Oath have guided physicians in the care and treatment of their patients.His report says, No atrophy or weakness.Stein's heartfelt letter was that "Kaiser has no knowledge of any wrongdoing.".At one point he said to me, How are you ever going to know what is causing your problems?Sign up for our newsletter.Smyth LN G40382 These 2 idiots diagnosed me with cancer in one lymph node that does NOT exist, causing me to have radiation treatment needlessly.Larry Edward Yeager, lN C39192, tHE neurologist:.Wild described how he hit my carotid artery or possibly my external jugular vein, this way: and then, there was a large vein sitting on top of the trunk of the nerve, I dissected it and sutured ligated.There is nothing wrong with you.Rather than a return call from the man himself,.I wish you could read his report.On the second day before I went home, I saw.
You will get better.
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