"Shelter dogs benefit from Pokemon Go craze; Gamers are helping walk dogs".
"Rio's Mayor Really Wants Brazil to Get Pokémon Go Before the Olympics".
DiDomizio, Nicolas (July 11, 2016).
Tassi, Paul (July 17, 2016).139 Another bug, confirmed by Niantic in August, inadvertently made capturing Pokémon more difficult."McDonald's Unit to Sponsor Pokémon Go in Japan".148 Julia Belluz ( Vox ) said it could be the "greatest unintentional health fad ever" casino vannes ouest france and wrote that one of the results of the game that the developers may not have realized was that "it seems to be getting people moving".Retrieved July 11, 2016.Retrieved March 1, 2019.A b Molina, Brett (August 2, 2016).For the first two days after launch, players were unable to access the game through their Pokémon Trainer Club accounts; only Gmail-based accounts were able to gain access to the game."Pokémon Go outpaces Clash Royale as the fastest game ever."Referendum, Mattarella: "Confronti su data e spacchettamenti surreali come caccia a Pokemon.Pokemon Go' Buddy Update Live: How to Get the New Feature".A b Collins, Yuji (July 18, 2016).Krify, Manisha (July 26, 2016).A weather system was added alongside the latter, allowing real-world weather to affect gameplay."Pokémon Go players banned from Cambodia genocide museum".Eficiencia, calidad, eliminar desperdicios, control en lugar de trabajo.The game is free to play ; it uses a freemium business model and supports in-app purchases for additional in-game items.Retrieved September 15, 2016."Pokémon Porn Searches Are Popping Off Because Pokémon Go"."Clash Royale, Reigns, and Pokemon Go named in Apple's Best of 2016"."Yelp becomes latest app to pivot to Pokémon Go companion with new PokéStop filter".

"Holocaust museum pleads: stop playing Pokémon Go here".
7 8 Gyms serve as battle locations for team-based king of the hill matches.