#blacklist means it will not use the psych poker episode items written into the blacklist.
Supports iConomy v4, iConomy v5, iConomy v6, boseconomy v6, boseconomy v7, Essentials Eco, MultiCurrency and Vault.Commands and Permissions: Command, permission, description /lottery minecraftlottery, wil give the player executing the command a random item, and draw the payitem(defined in the config) from the inventory.#Message that the player gets that does the lottery allow: You get amount of wonitem.Restart or Reload your server, commands: /lotto buyticket, purchase 1 of the available tickets /lotto jackpot.#Name of the Item that is used to pay #warning: Item ID's wont work!Config, read the comments if you don't understand what the option does.It's initial release will allow you to start a lotto.By using the argument force you can ignore the payitem, and the time between the lotteries.Source Github Known Bugs (latest version) Comments Posts"d: Reply Clear All"s.Click here to check out the explanation to the configuration Tutorial PS: The /lottery claim command is used when you are using material and you win, since blocks/items can only be given to online players Comments Posts"d: Reply Clear All"s.#itemlist: blacklist/whitelist itemlist: blacklist #Broadcast when someone win's an item do-broadcast: true Video Review: Source Code The code on Comments Posts"d: Reply Clear All"s.Just download and install the plugin as other plugins.To-do List Jackpot increased on tickets bought (Configurable) Sign Ticket Purchasing Feel free to suggest any features or add-on's!Set the jackpot /lotto setfare, set the ticket fare /lotto settime, set the time till the next lotto drawing.Configure the plugin by changing the config.A: Then you need to change the numberOfTickets to something else, or just set it to 0 (jackpot will never win then).Shortcuts, fAQ, q: How do I set the amount of money the jackpot should start with?Minecraft-Lottery, information, please note that this page WAS written FOR THE.2 version OF THE plugin.Permission nodes using superPerms, custom welcome message, permissions.MCLotto is a plugin that will provide you with a great way to earn money.I AM just waiting FOR THE bukkit team TO approve.
Configuration, in the configuration that is made when the plugin is run the first time, you don't get comments about the different options.
Configurable price, material (including money/coins hours between lottery drawings and other configurations.