phoenix poke boat vagabond

I have owned a kevlar maxi.
Deep 'V' bow and stern which provides for excellent tracking.
I also have a Critter, which is not at all bad (and much faster but the Poke Boat meets my needs best.
I have the standard size.I bought a kevlar Maxi.The best part is the weight.25 pounds in Kevlar, not much more in glass.Designed with a flat hull and low center of gravity, making it remarkably stable for photography, birdwatching or fishing.It's faded red, has the original cockpit cover, and an aftermarket steering rudder.Handles wind and waves pretty well for such a small craft.Good condition with no cracks or repairs.Submitted by: Anonymous on 9/17/2013, i have owned a 12' Poke Boat for over 18 years.I could fit me, my dog, a dozen and a half decoys, gun bonus bienvenue casino and shell pasino aix en provence poker bag no problem.Thats one tough boat.Stroke right, it goes left, stroke malette de poker chez leclerc left, it goes right so if you don't stroke with equal force duration you will be using adjusting strokes to keep the boat straight.I have a fiberglass Vagabond -.5.Submitted by: dudlee on 9/5/2014, i have owned the standard Poke boat for over 15 yrs and have paddled it in all kinds of conditions, portages, five foot wind driven lake waves, and it has performed well.Submitted by: Anonymous on 7/1/2014, just got a maxi Poke Boat and think it will be great.Submitted by: Out of Line on 3/5/2018, just picked up a Poke Boat in Kevlar, as a lark really, wasn't really looking for one.Vagabond Phoenix Poke Boat - 1100 (Maryland) 16'5" / 2 person / fiberglass.
In wind and waves, boat bounces into waves but surfs with them.

It handles well and has a large cockpit.
Does anyone know where i can get one for fair price?