Note that the main outputs will resultat du loto du 18 novembre 2017 be heard on the track that contains the instrument.
Created in collaboration with Applied Acoustics Systems, Collision uses physical modeling technology to model the various sound generating and resonant components of real (or imagined) objects.Note that these modulation amounts are relative to the LFOs Depth value.The earliest known mention of the clavicytherium dates from about 1460; the oldest extant example (Royal College of Music, London) was probably made in Ulm, Ger., about 1480.Warping in Simpler works in much the same way as it does in audio clips, and bringing a warped clip into Simpler from an audio track, the browser, or your desktop preserves your manual warp settings.Volume This determines the intensity of the modulation oscillators sample modulation.On six-hole transverse flutes and oboes, chromatic pitches were obtained by closing one or more holes below an open one, a technique known as cross-fingering.But its important to remember that Tensions components are not isolated from one another; what you do to one parameter can have a dramatic effect on a parameter somewhere else.The Tuning slider adjusts in increments of one cent (up to a maximum of 50 cents up or down).A Simpler voice plays a user-defined region of a sample, which is in turn processed by envelope, filter, LFO, volume and pitch components.Those made elsewhere in Europe (some having the keyboard centred) were also built with strings plucking off-centre.Each oscillator can be turned on or off independently via the switch labelled Osc 1 or Osc 2 in the shell, and the oscillators output level is adjusted by the slider to the right of this activator.Level adjusts the overall volume of the noise component.Analogs two LFOs can be used as modulation sources for the oscillators, filters and amplifiers.The LFOs intensity is also affected by its envelope.Glide can be turned on or off and adjusted with the Glide Time control in the pitch display.In addition to serving as organizational aids, Collisions tabs contain LEDs that light up to indicate that their contained sections are active.
Finally, the release time is set with the R (Release) slider.

Filter Morph Modulates the position in the filters morph cycle (only has an effect for the Morph filter type.) Filter Drive Modulates the amount of the Drive (not available when the Morph filter is selected.) Filter Envelope Amount Modulates the filters envelope intensity.