She spends all her time working on the garden Elle passe tout son temps à travailler dans son jardin.
To raise or create.
Work adj laboral, del trabajo; n trabajo; social trabajo social; vi trabajar; ( to function ) funcionar, trabajar; Your kidneys have stopped working.
To work for sb travailler pour qn She works for a drug company Elle travaille pour une compagnie pharmaceutique.These pills have worked wonders on my rheumatism.The product or result of a person's labours.Title: Hotel job vacancies!One's place of employment.Work up to the difficult exercises gradually.He left (his) work.30.m.; I don't think I'll go to work tomorrow.( adjective worked-up : Don't get so worked-up!).To work one's way to the top gravir les échelons to work one's way up (fig) gravir les échelons (cookery) to work sth in flour, butter intégrer qch to work sth into sth oil, flour, butter intégrer qch à qch work off vt sep energy.( bring about) change, cure bewirken, herbeiführen ; to work mischief Unheil anrichten ; to work it (so that ) (inf) es so deichseln dass ) (inf) ; to work ones passage seine Überfahrt abarbeiten ; you dont have to work your notice Sie brauchen.Latest Featured Jobs, title: English Language Teacher - Beijing Sijifengxing International Education And Technique.A keno winner at revesby workers club person who works or who is employed in an office, a factory etc.( task, novel ) lavorare a he's working on the car sta facendo dei lavori alla macchina the police are working on the case la polizia sta facendo indagini sul caso.